Outreachy finale: Journey as an intern

All good things must come to an end, and so is my 3 months roller coaster journey as an Outreachy intern!

My project for Outreachy internship with OpenRefine was to add support for more Wikidata constraints in OpenRefine. I have already published some blogs about my selection process, OpenRefine, the challenges I faced initially, and how my project tweaked a bit from the original proposal. You can go through those blogs to have a detailed description of every bit of my 3 months journey and much more.

This blog will be totally about what progress did I made as an Outreachy intern in my technical skills, soft skills, what all did I learned from this, and how it is going to help in my career.

Initially, when I was selected, I was very good at Java and DSA. But my project wasn’t limited to Java, So obviously I have to learn the other requirements needed for it like TestNG & Mockito testing framework, Native JavaScript, working with Travis CI, and many other things. The interesting fact is when I got selected for the project which was totally based on Wikidata, at that time I didn’t even know much about Wikidata too. But at the end of the day if you’re willing to learn and challenge yourself there’s nothing which can be a roadblock for you.

I had made the proposal in such a way that the tasks were prioritized in the order easy to complex so that I don’t end up being stuck on a task for a very long time hampering my whole project. I didn’t have the confidence in myself that I would ever be able to complete this project but with the guidance and support provided by my mentor, I moved forward steadily and consistently with great progress.

With this internship, the major perk that I count is the networking option, you get connected with many families, like the Outreachy team, the organization you got selected in, other co-interns selected along with you as Outreachy intern. Along with this, after the selection, you will get a number of mails, requests, messages over LinkedIn, Twitter, etc about sharing your strategy, experience, queries about the program, requests for help and guidance, and much more. Sometimes, you even get a job offer from the organization you had been an intern for or from some outsider companies seeing your work. So, this was an opportunity I never dreamt of but living these 3 months was no less than a dream.

Outreachy’20 intern @OpenRefine | Google Code-In’19 Mentor @JBoss | Teaching Assistant @Coding Blocks

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