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Hey, so starting with who I’m? I’m a final year B.Tech CSE student passing out in 2021 and like most of the final year students, I was also looking for some 6-month internship or full-time opportunities. Then, one day I saw a LinkedIn post by Vidhya Raghunath ma’am(Principal TA Red Hat, so now you know whom to contact) regarding Red Hat is hiring software engineering interns.

Then, I also submitted my resume and luckily got the mail for an online coding challenge. You can consider this as the…

All good things must come to an end, and so is my 3 months roller coaster journey as an Outreachy intern!

My project for Outreachy internship with OpenRefine was to add support for more Wikidata constraints in OpenRefine. I have already published some blogs about my selection process, OpenRefine, the challenges I faced initially, and how my project tweaked a bit from the original proposal. You can go through those blogs to have a detailed description of every bit of my 3 months journey and much more.

This blog will be totally about what progress did I made as an…

Halfway journey as an Outreachy intern for OpenRefine organization

As we all know, before the contribution period we have a list of organizations and projects from which we can easily choose projects and organizations of totally our choice. It’s the most delightful thing about Open-Source programs like Outreachy, GSoC, etc.

So, when the choice came into my hands, I started making my preferences according to the skills I have already have and those which I was keen to learn. I had a look at nearly every organization, there were about 20–25 organizations so giving a bit of time to read…

The choice remains in our hands — to experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.

Quote by Eric Thomas

OpenSource world has always tried it’s best to welcome the newcomers and beginners in this beautiful journey. It is built and supported by people that not only run this kind of development but also always willing to provide a helping hand to everyone. It is more than a kind of software development, its a culture to be followed and to be promoted.

But still, even after many efforts of numerous people out there, sometimes it comes out a bit intimidating for…

OpenRefine, also formerly known as Google Refine, is an Open Source software used to work with messy data and provide many functionalities for data refining, data processing, data manipulation, reconciliation, importing data to wikidata, and other additional support for external web services.

By using OpenRefine, you can inspect errors in your data, amend your data, and even save its history. What’s more interesting about it, you can reverse your actions to any stage where you want. So, there’s no hassle about either you should apply a certain operation or not. …

If you are one of those people, who don’t have a good idea of what open-source is, what Outreachy program is, and how to get started with open-source software development, then this article is especially for you.

What is OpenSource?

“The power of Open Source is the power of the people. The people rule.” ~Phillipe Kahn

Open-source software is a software that provides you the freedom of code sharing, modifying, and redistributing but it may/may not be free of cost. Most of the open-source software is available for free hence commonly termed as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). …

A platform for petabyte-scale storage.

RedHat Ceph Storage is open-source software, that implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster, and provides interfaces for object-storage, block-storage, and file-level storage in a single platform. Ceph provides a software-defined architecture that can be easily integrated into your existing hardware and infrastructure with lower capital costs and more flexibility. It’s a storage architecture that is highly recommended for cloud and virtualization applications like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack Platform etc.

Ceph Storage Cluster

This phrase has been famous from all the time when people used to get confused between Gratis and Libre.

There’s a huge difference between both of them with a minute difference line. This is as ironical as I’ll be explaining about the quote “free as in beer Vs free as in speech”. Being in the field of software development I’ll try to correlate with that.

Gratis is a freeware which means the software is licensed free of charge for regular use, the developer gets a minimal or no monetary compensation at all. …

Ekta Mishra

Outreachy’20 intern @OpenRefine | Google Code-In’19 Mentor @JBoss | Teaching Assistant @Coding Blocks

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